Many people who are thinking of building often as us, “So, what exactly is the cost of building a new home in the Charleston area?” Well, the simple answer is, “It depends.” Okay, that is a frustrating answer, but you may understand better if you think in termsB. Chaney Improvements Custom Home of looking at a bag of groceries and guessing how much THAT will cost. It depends on whether the bag is filled with cereal and soup or steak and lobster.

Some of the main “ingredients” in building a custom home are the floors, windows and exterior of the house. These choices all add up to the total cost per square foot. And yes, the size of a custom home obviously plays a big part, since the math really is about cost of labor and materials multiplied by square feet.

To keep costs down, vinyl and carpet products will be less-expensive options than hardwood and tile flooring. When it comes to windows, many of the ones on the market today may look the same to some people, but the professionals we employ at B. Chaney Improvements can tell you the differences in the product and cost.

Another huge factor is on the exterior of the house. Do you like the look of vinyl siding, or do you want to upgrade to wood, brick or stone? Another option is to mix in siding on all or portions of the house to help control costs.

Our company president, Brad Chaney of B. Chaney Improvements, is happy to sit down with each potential home buyer at the start of the building process and look at the budget. This will lead to the answers of all of the above questions — and many more — for a great building experience.

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