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Let B. Chaney Improvements Create Your Dream Bathroom

When it’s time for a professional home bathroom renovation, there are many options, styles and finishes to consider. If it’s time to renovate your bathroom, having a Before B. Chaney Improvements bathroom remodel in Charleston, SCprofessional on the job can make the project manageable. The right designer and contractor can offer advice on the latest trends in bathroom remodeling and renovations, and can assist you in designing your exceptional bathrooms within your available budget.


 Versatile Options

 Working together, we’ll identify what you want in your bathroom and   will create an innovative, ideal design for you that will provide the best   function and visual appeal. Our designers can suggest options you may   not be B. Chaney Improvements Bathroom remodel in Charleston, SCaware of that will meet your specific needs and requirements  and ensure the success of your remodeling project.

 Wide Range of Options

Because we’ve worked with so many clients in the Charleston, SC area, we understand the design aesthetic that appeals to clients in our beautiful part of the country. We can provide quality bathroom builds in many types of bathroom styles, with fixtures in a wide range of models, materials, colors and designs. Having so many options available makes it easier to attain the goals of your bathroom remodeling or renovation project.

Comparing your Options

We present you with different products, designs, materials before you need to make the ultimate choices about how to design your bathroom.

Each client we work with is unique, so we don’t install cookie-cutter bathrooms. Each one is designed with the client and their family in mind, and decisions are based upon how the bathroom will be used. Will it be a guest suite? In an adult’s master suite? Will we need to accommodate someone’s mobility needs? Is it a child or teenager’s bathroom? These present different needs, and we’ll make sure the format, fixtures and finishes are visually appealing and up to the job.

We Are The Bathroom Improvement Specialist

Remodeling a bathroom is one of the most challenging renovation tasks you can take on, especially if you aren’t familiar with the available finishes, design trends, and working with the plumbing and construction needs of this critical room in your home.

The first step we’ll take together is determining the type of bathroom you want in the existing space. The following are some of the types of bathrooms you’ll want to consider.

Master Bathroom

This should be the most relaxing and private bathroom in a house, with a cozy and comfortable ambience. Typically found are double vanities with sinks and mirrors, a toilet closet, a steam or multi-jet shower, a large separate bathtub, and plenty of storage for bathroom essentials, etc.

Full Bathroom

This bathroom is spacious and can accommodate the whole family. This type of bathroom features a toilet, shower, bathtub, ample storage spaces, and a large vanity.

Space Saver Bathroom

Similar to a Full Bathroom in function, these rooms utilize space saving features like shower/tub combos to provide that function in a smaller space. The shower/bathtub typically has glass doors to make the bathroom look larger.

Three-Quarter Bathroom

A three-quarter bathroom consists mainly of the basics: a toilet, a shower, and a sink. The shower is usually enclosed with a glass compartment from ceiling to floor, making the bathroom seem more spacious.

Half Bath or Powder Room

These rooms have just the basics: a toilet and sink for washing up. Typically found on first floor living areas, these are convenient for guests and family members.

Do It Yourself or Hire a Contractor?

Some homeowners enjoy a good DIY project, but if you need some assistance in creating the bathroom you need, an experienced professional contractor can make the project faster, much easier, and help it come in within your budget (due to fewer unforeseen budget killers).

Top Tips for Bathroom Redesign

A meeting with a reputable contractor — like Brad Chaney— can produce some great ideas you may not have considered for remodeling a bathroom or kitchen. We suggest a meeting before purchasing anything from the list below.

Choose Your Fixtures Wisely

Many clients want a spacious bathtub in their new bathroom, but it’s critical to determine if the unit you are eyeing will fit in your space – both aesthetically and physically. Be sure to measure carefully, and sit in it to be sure it’s comfortable for your frame. Consider water restrictions in your area, as it takes a long time and many gallons to fill a very large tub. Don’t choose a unit that’s so large that it’s not practical to use or you may find yourself not using this expensive purchase.

Choose Good Bathroom Lighting

Quality and varied lighting in the bathroom can add to the ambience, especially in a more highly designed master suite. Install dimmers near the vanity and tub areas, or consider specialized lighting for makeup application. Consider how you’ll mix natural and artificial lighting for the best impact.

Take Advantage of the Space

Are you using the floor space in the bathroom well? Are there areas where a new fixture, such as an added sink, might be added? How about adding a small storage cabinet on an unused wall? Would another towel holder help you to keep things tidy? Be creative, and consider how those empty floor and wall spaces might be used in your redesign.

Choose Elegant Fixtures

Classic, timeless fixtures such as mirrors, lighting, handles, towel holders, etc. can create the most elegant bathroom space. Upgrading these items in your existing bathroom can make it look more luxurious, both in a remodel or when making improvements to your as-is bathroom.

Always Opt for the Best Quality Possible

Choose the best quality you can reasonably afford for all purchases, from toilets to bathtubs to tile to flooring. Lower quality and lower-priced items tend to break more easily and will show wear and tear more readily. A few more dollars spent now can create a longer-lasting bathroom that will serve you for many more years, and will help your ‘new bathroom’ look that way for as long as possible.

Brad is very honest guy and is meticulous with his work. He is very well organized. No delays or major renovation went well. Hats off to Rich, his right hand man.

David Garrell (from Google)

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