Tax returns are a great way to help pay for home improvement and home repair costs to upgrade your home.

Tax return money for home improvement work

April is here and spring/early summer has arrived in Charleston, SC. And by now, you are either getting your tax information together because of the looming deadline or are waiting for that refund to hit the mailbox or bank account. Now is the time to start thinking about a wise way to invest that “new-found” money.

Some will see it as a windfall for a shopping spree, while others will see it as a chance to invest in their home and family.

We think one wise choice is to consider upgrading your house to make it a better place to come home to every day. Depending on the size of the refund and upgrades, your refund may only pay part of the cost. But, coupled with some savings or a home equity line of credit or 401k loan (where you pay yourself back with no penalty), the dream can quickly become a reality.

The home improvement and renovation specialists at B. Chaney Improvements in Charleston would love to talk with you about remodeling your home or adding a major addition. If you’re not in need of a big construction project, you may what replacement windows; new exterior doors; or a new roof.

You may be needing some home repairs. We can fix those annoying problems the right way.

Not only will these repairs and upgrades improve the look of your home, many will make it more energy-efficient and secure. Just think about cutting the heating and cooling bills from 2018 down dramatically before the summer heat arrives.

B. Chaney Improvements uses high-quality building products to ensure your project brings quality and value to your investment.

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If you are interested in talking to (owner) Brad Chaney about a home improvement project, major renovation, adding an addition or even building a new home, contact us to schedule a meeting. You can do so through this website or by calling our Charleston office at 843-388-4334.

Brad is a licensed builder with decades of experience. He and his team work throughout the Charleston, SC area, including Mt. Pleasant, Daniel Island, North Charleston, etc….

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