Hurricane season is starting to wind down — we hope — but the Lowcountry is still on alert for another 45 days. If another storm arises, there is likely to be wind and water issues that require home repairs.

home repair after storm damage by B. Chaney Improvements in Charleston, SCOne of the strongest hurricanes to ever hit the United States is now gone, hitting some of the Palmetto State as it roared through. Thankfully few reported damage, but the next time we may not be as fortunate. The home repair and construction experts at B. Chaney Improvements are ready to help homeowners if and when the time comes.

By now — for those that did suffer damage from Hurricane Florence or Hurricane Michael — insurance agents have been called and adjusters are scheduling visits. The storm season often has contractors running from project to project to fix homes.The rain and moisture in Coastal Carolina can wreak havoc quickly if any building materials are compromised.

Brad Chaney, owner of B. Chaney Improvements, can inspect your property and give a fair estimate for doing all home repairs the right way. With nearly three decades of experience in the home improvement and custom building industry, Brad will know exactly how to repair the damage that will allow the homeowner to rest easy in good and bad weather.

Home repair for water damage by B. Chaney Improvements in Charleston, SCHere is a short list of steps to take right away if you need home repairs due to damage:

  1. Know what your insurance policy covers regarding wind and water damage.
  2. Contact your agent as soon as the damage occurs, because waiting can make the situation worse.
  3. Be persistent to get the claim processed right away, as storm water damage can quickly become a bigger problem if not addressed immediately.

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If you have storm damage or suffer such a loss in the future, contact us right away. You can do so through this website or by calling our B. Chaney Improvements in Charleston at 843-388-4334. You can count on us to be an honest and reliable building contractor.

We are a licensed builder with decades of experience building custom homes; remodeling and renovating homes; and doing home repair throughout the Charleston, SC area, including Mt. Pleasant, Daniel Island, North Charleston, etc… If you would like to schedule a time to meet with Brad, contact him here.

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