Tax season is coming to an end. What will you spend your tax refund on in 2018?

Tax refund to fund building project from B. Chaney Improvements in Charleston, SC.April is here and Spring has finally arrived in the Lowcountry of South Carolina. And by now, you are either getting your tax information together because of the looming deadline or you are waiting for that refund to hit the mailbox or bank account. Now is the time to start thinking about a wise way to invest that “new-found” money.

Some will see the refund as a windfall for a shopping spree, while others will see it as a chance to invest in their home or family.

We think one wise choice is to consider building that dream home, major addition or renovation project you have been thinking about for some time. Depending on what the government owes you, it may only pay part of the cost. But, coupled with some savings or a home equity line of credit or 401k loan (where you pay yourself back with no penalty), the dream can quickly become a reality.

Old Mt. Pleasant addition built by B. Chaney Improvements of Charleston, SCThe professional builders at B. Chaney Improvements would love to talk with you about your dreams. If it is a custom home you want, they will meet with you to discuss your vision. Once you’ve decided on whether it will be a cape cod, colonial, craftsman-style rancher, beach bungalow, etc…, they can help you maximize your budget for the land, home and extras that will make up the final project.

If you love your home and its location, an addition or renovation might be the way to go in this season of life. Owner Brad Chaney can look at the existing structure and complete a picture of what the changes will look like upon completion. 

Old Mt. Pleasantscreened porch addition built by B. Chaney Improvements of Charleston, SCSometimes, removing a wall or two and using the space in a different way can make all the difference in the living space. Or if you home no longer looks good to you from the curb, an exterior makeover can make it look like an entirely new house.

Other ideas that can add value to your home and life include an outdoor living space; front porch or screened-in porch; sun room; and in-law suite for aging parents or even a garage/man cave.

Some small household items to consider would be home repairs that have been left undone; replacement windows and/or replacement doors; and a new roof.

B. Chaney Improvements is a licensed builder with decades of experience building custom homes; remodeling and renovating homes; and doing home repair throughout the Charleston, SC area, including Mt. Pleasant, Daniel Island, North Charleston, etc… If you would like to schedule a time to meet with Brad, contact him here.

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