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There are lots of reasons to replace old windows in a home. Windows not only provide an important part of every home’s basic structure, but they also add to — or take away from — the overall character of a home’s aesthetics.

Here are the top three reasons to call us at B. Chaney Improvements when looking to invest in your home’s value.

Replacement Windows Saves You Money
New windows can have a huge impact on your energy costs. According to ENERGY STAR, $126 to $465 can be saved each year in an average home by replacing single-pane windows. Homeowners that currently have double-pane windows can save $27 to $111 per year by doing this same upgrade. Energy-efficient windows add to a home’s insulation factor, resulting in savings on heating and cooling costs.

Replacement Windows Provide Protection 
Today’s quality replacement windows also do a much better job at keeping outdoor elements where they belong…outdoors! These elements include poor-quality air; harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays and noise pollution. Many of today’s window manufacturers, including Andersen, offers products that have energy-efficient glass. Andersen has several low-E glass options which filters harsh UV rays.

Replacement Windows Update a Home’s Look
Updated windows can add a tremendous amount of value to your home. This value not only comes in the practical ways mentioned above, but in the “curb appeal” that comes into play when having your house appraised or valued for the open real estate market. B. Chaney’s professionals can help you choose the perfect windows for your home for design and overall quality.

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