This is a Series of Renovation Ideas that B. Chaney Improvements Professionals Can Help Design and Install in Your Home to Upgrade Your Current Living Space

Custom wood ceilingMost people don’t think about their plain, boring 8-ft. ceiling, UNTIL they walk into a model home and notice the great ideas now being used to offset rooms. The old way to dress up the top portion of a room was too add crown molding. It could be simple, ornate or even layered crown molding, depending how “fancy” the room was going Custom Tray Ceilingto feel and the type of furniture — think grand piano for the fanciest of moldings — that would be used in it. Today, moldings, tray designs, tongue and groove, wide plank, ship lap and a myriad of other designs are turning boring ceilings into works of art.
Here is a great article about ideas to get you thinking about as you consider renovation projects around your home. After you get a few thoughts, give us a call or email us to discuss how these ideas might soon become a reality and turn that boring space into a conversation piece during your next gathering.

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