Renovate to Get Your Dream Home in Your Current Location

Most people sell and move because their current home no longer meets the needs of their current lifestyle. That may be because their family has expanded or possibly contracted. Nonetheless, the thought of selling, packing up and then moving can be a daunting idea. Especially if you’re home has a bonus room, attic and/or garage that is stuffed full of everything purchased over the last decade or so.

However, a renovation project may be the answer, because you get to stay put and it’s often more cost-efficient. Local building experts say that renovating your current space is usually cheaper than building a new home, because of the square-footage pricing in Charleston’s booming real estate market.

Old Mt. Pleasant renovations and addition built by B. Chaney Improvements of Charleston, SC

Smaller Projects Can Make a Big Difference

What is your most pressing need that your current home doesn’t satisfy? Do you need an extra bedroom? Do you need a home office, because one or both of you are now working remotely? Maybe your family has grown to the point of needing more living room space. Your home may have the floor space, but you can’t see it because of walls and lack of imagination. But don’t feel badly, as it often takes professionals — like those at B. Chaney Improvements — to see it. The taking out or moving of some walls could make is easy to have what you need under the same roof.

Also, consider the potential of your unfinished space. The B. Chaney building pros have experience finishing off bonus rooms and attics into living space. These spaces can provide that second living room, which is perfect for older children. Some spaces can also be finished into a complete living area, for an in-law suite or even a rental “apartment.”

If your home does need an addition, the B. Chaney Improvements staff can design and build it. Not only will it be exactly what you need, they will make sure it ties seamlessly into the existing structure.

Front porch renovated by B. Chaney Improvements, who does renovation, remodeling and home repairs in the greater Charleston, SC area, including Mt. Pleasant, Sullivan's Island and Isle of Palms South Carolina.

Major Home Renovations

Major renovation requests range from overhauling several rooms to changing entire layouts to adding additions. The B. Chaney building pros can even build garages that include extra storage and living space.

Brad Chaney and his team of building professionals completed a whole-house renovation project on a typical Lowcountry home (pictured below). After 20 years of using it as a vacation house, the owners planned to move to Charleston. They invested heavily in the home that had an open front porch and was in need of a major renovation.

The project included replacing the shingle roof with metal, enclosing the porch and complete reconstruction of the kitchen, baths and floors. The photos available for this article only include the porch, due to the project still being in progress.

Whole-house rehab in Mt. Pleasant, SC

Contact Us About Your Renovation or Addition

If you are thinking of doing a whole-house rehab; adding a major addition; or building a custom home in the greater Charleston area, contact Brad and his team today through this website or call B. Chaney Improvements in Charleston at 843-388-4334.

B. Chaney is a licensed builder with decades of building experience and home repair throughout the Charleston, SC area, including Mt. Pleasant, Daniel Island, North Charleston, etc… 

If you would like to schedule a time to meet with Brad, contact him here.

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