Plan to meet with builders now if your plan is to build your dream home in 2018

Isle of Palms renovated home with major addition completed by B. Chaney Improvements of Charleston, SC.

So what kind of home are you dreaming about? Are you dreaming about a stately colonial? Or maybe your mind’s eye sees a beach bungalow? There is always the possibility your Pinterest page entitled “Our Next House” is dominated with pictures of the wildly popular “Lowcountry Cottage.” No matter which one is your favorite, if you see yourself opening that dream house front door in 2018, you should plan to meet and interview builders between now and the singing of the last verse of Auld Lang Syne.

B. Chaney Improvements Custom Home

The reason to meet now is this can be a slower time of year, when builders are trying to schedule their larger projects for the coming year. The professional builders at B. Chaney Improvements want to help you get even more excited about your future building project and get ready to dive in NOW!

One of the very first things to do before such a meeting, is to collect plenty of photos and drawings of what you want included in your future home. If you couple the images with a prioritized list of “must haves,” your initial time with a builder will likely make it a productive one.Old Mt. Pleasant addition with kitchen built by B. Chaney Improvements of Charleston, SC

This first meeting with B. Chaney Improvements will be with company founder Brad Chaney. Brad, who has over two decades of experience building custom homes, likes to talk about the ideas and dreams brought by the prospective client and how those can work together or – in some cases — can’t work together. This meeting is to bring clarity to the start of the building process, and possibly bring new ideas that come from building all styles of homes.

Once all of the details are agreed upon, the building process – bank approval; securing of permits; and then digging the foundation – can move forward quickly. Of course, Mother Nature — who sometimes brings winter to the Lowcountry — does have a say in this, especially when it comes to those first few projects of a new year.

If you would like to meet to talk with Brad and his team of builders building your dream home in 2018, contact us here or call us at our Charleston, SC office at 843-388-4334. If you have other construction projects in mind — whole house renovation, bathroom and/or kitchen remodels and even house repairs — contact us to find out how we can do it and do it right.

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