Meteorologists are regularly using the terms “tropical storm” and “hurricane” in their forecasts these days.

Homeowners in the Lowcountry dodged a bullet a few weeks ago when a major storm blew through without much of an impact. The hope is that streak will last through November, when the volatile weather season comes to a close. Hurricanes cause damage and B. Chaney Improvements‘ building experts fix the issues of storm damage. Home repair is one of their specialties and they can take care of lingering problems and those caused by future storms.

Homeowners can’t control the storms, but they can make good decisions before the storms arrive. They suggest you take the right steps to limit the possibility of damage. Since “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure,” the B. Chaney staff recommends fixing any existing issues that will allow water inside the home. These issues are usually part of the roof – such as chimney flashing, shingles, gutters, roof vents — and should be taken care of soon. This summer’s abundance of rain should have given homeowners a clue to those issues.

Storm damage in the Lowcountry of Charleston, SC

Of course once a storm has passed, you will want to inspect, find and fix the damage to keep future rain or flood waters out, because water leads to other costly issues. Most think about the “ugliness” a storm can leave behind. But the hidden damage can include rot and mold, making for a dangerous and hazardous environment.

B. Chaney Improvements does home repairs needed after storm season

Steps for Storm Damage

Here are a few steps to take if you need home repairs due to storm damage:

  1. Know what your insurance policy covers regarding wind and water damage.
  2. Contact your insurance agent as soon as the damage occurs, because waiting can make the situation worse.
  3. Be persistent to get the claim processed right away. Storm water damage can quickly become a bigger problem.
  4. Contact a reputable builder to discuss the damage and the correct repairs. B. Chaney Improvements is a reputable builder that has the experience to do all types of home repairs and home improvements.

Contact B. Chaney Improvements for Home Repairs

For home repair or other building project needs, contact B. Chaney Improvements here. You can do so through this website or by calling the Charleston, SC-area office at 843-388-4334. You can count on their professionals to be honest and reliable.

“Brad did a really good job of managing everything. I’m a Type A personality and I never felt the need to step in. Everything he (Brad) does is with amazing quality.” — Aura, Mt. Pleasant

Brad Chaney and his team are licensed builders with decades of experience building custom homes; remodeling and renovating homes; and doing home repair throughout the Charleston, SC area, including Mt. Pleasant, Daniel Island, Isle of Palms, Sullivan’s Island, etc…

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