kitchen before and after remodelingWe at B. Chaney Improvements have clients of all types, but the one common element that ties most together is the question, “How much will this cost?”

For many, a certain maximum budget has been set and we have to find ways to remodel the kitchen or renovate the bathroom in “creative” ways to stay within a price range.

Then, there are others that say, “Price is no object. I just want it done the way I want it done.” We are happy to work with both.

But taking the perspective of the former, here are a few ways to add new luster to a kitchen, if you are on a strict budget or you simply want to get the house ready to sell to the next owner.

We recommend:

  1. Add a fresh coat of paint or, even better, add several complimentary colors to accent certain features of the room and disguise others.
  2. Update the lighting fixtures, whether it is the main lights or adding under-cabinet lights to give the room more ambiance.
  3. Update cabinet faces and add organizers. The cabinet faces — either changing the doors and accent pieces or redoing the surfaces — adds a new look, while organizers add a clean, uncluttered feel to the space.
  4. Some flooring changes can be done over certain kinds of older flooring, to B. Chaney Improvements Closet conversionminimize cost. New vinyl flooring or event plank wood laminate (floating, interlocking sections) are these types of options. Other alternatives could include doing some accents to the floor and buying area rugs to cover other parts.
  5. Small rearranging projects to change the flow of the space are other small projects that can make a big difference. Sometimes the removal of a half wall, or converting a closet into a more unique space can make a huge difference in the room’s total appearance.

If you would like to discuss how we can help with these or other upgrades, please call our Daniel Island, SC office to schedule a meeting or email us through this site.

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