We at B. Chaney Improvements Wish You the Happiest of Holidays During This Christmas Season and into 2018!

Merry Christmas and Happy New YearChristmas time is such a great time of year. We are so thankful for all of God’s blessings and for the opportunity to reflect back on the year that has been and the New Year that is coming. We hope this time is equally good for you and your family.

As we look to 2018, we would like to help if one of your New Year’s resolutions is to build a new home; renovate your existing home; or just simply add space to your home with an addition.

B. Chaney Improvements Custom HomeIf these are among your “to-dos,” we suggest you start writing down some priorities you have for the new home or addition. Some of those would include number of bedrooms and baths; details about the kitchen; flooring materials; etc… When it comes to exterior design and style direction, pull images from Pinterest, Houzz, Google Images, etc… If you have a certain plan/layout in mind, find an architectural drawing if possible. This collection of materials will be a great starting point for meetings with builders right after the holidays.

This first meeting with B. Chaney Improvements will be with company founder Brad Chaney. Brad, who has over two decades of experience building custom homes, likes to talk about the ideas and dreams brought by the prospective client and how those can work together or – in some cases — can’t work together. This meeting is to bring clarity to the start of the building process, and Old Mt. Pleasantscreened porch addition built by B. Chaney Improvements of Charleston, SCpossibly bring new ideas that come from building all styles of homes.

Once all of the details are agreed upon, the building process – bank approval; securing of permits; and then digging the foundation – can move forward quickly. Of course, Mother Nature does have a say in this, especially when it comes to those first few projects of a new year.

If you would like to meet with with Brad and his team of builders about building your home or major addition in 2018, contact us here or call us at our Charleston, SC office at 843-388-4334.

If you have other construction projects in mind — whole house renovation, bathroom and/or kitchen remodels and even house repairs — contact us to find out how we can do it and do it right.

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