The hurricane has now been gone from the Lowcountry for two weeks, but several reminders of its Water damage fixed by B. Chaney Improvements in Charleston SCdestruction remain. Tree limbs and debris are still piled up in many neighborhoods. The other reminder for some is the wind and water damage to their home.

By now, insurance agents have been contacted and some adjusters have made visits. Now the contractors will be running from project to project to fix homes that are subject to more issues once the wet weather moves back into the area.

Brad Chaney is ready to come out and inspect your property and give a fair estimate for fixing it right. Having more than two decades of experience in the home repair and custom building industry, Brad will know exactly how to repair the damage that will allow the homeowner to rest easy, knowing the work will not break down.

Here is a short list of steps to take right away if you haven’t already started the process:

  1. Know what your insurance policy covers regarding wind and water damage.
  2. Then contact your agent.
  3. Be persistent to get the claim processed right away, as storm water damage can quickly become a bigger problem if not addressed immediately.

To read more about the right things to do if you have suffered water damage, click here. To contact us at B. Chaney Improvements for an estimate, click here.

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