kitchen before and after remodelingHere is a great article on what to do before you hire a contractor — or even meeting with a contractor — to build your custom home; addition to your existing home; or deck, patio or outdoor living space. Below is the list that the author from the article How to Hire a Contractor, uses to make sure you are adequately ready to launch into a construction project in the Charleston, SC area.

Click here to read the details behind each point, which feature this editor’s notes in parentheses. We at B. Chaney Improvements believe these are helpful tips to avoid so many pitfalls that can come by hiring the wrong contractor that DOES NOT have the consumers’ best interest in mind.

  1. Start with a Detailed Plan (or at least some details, pictures or drawings)
  2. Provide a List of Specifications
  3. Price Out Your Project
  4. Ensure Your Contractor is Insured
  5. Check Out A Contractor’s Work (BEFORE you hire them, or course)
  6. (Thoroughly) Interview Your Contractor
  7. Dealing with the Extras (the finest details of the project, i.e., never assume “things” are included)
  8. Ask About Timelines


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