Remodeling a Bathroom In SC

 A Guide to Bathroom Remodeling

Remodeling a bathroom may be pretty difficult thing to envision in your own home. This is especially difficult if you have no idea about where to begin. This is often the case, because homeowners are so use to seeing it has it is, they can;t imagine how to change the space. The first step is to determine what type of bathroom you want before starting the renovation.

To help you choose, below is a list of the different types of bathrooms.

  • Master Bathroom

    • This should be the most relaxing and private bathroom in a house. The ambiance is cozy and comfortable. Found inside this bathroom are double vanities with sinks and mirrors, a toilet with a compartment, a steam shower, a bathtub, plenty of storage for bathroom essentials, etc.   
  • Full Bathroom 

    • This bathroom is spacious and can accommodate the whole family. This type of bathroom features a toilet, shower, bathtub, ample storage spaces, and a large vanity.

  • Space Saver Bathroom 

    • This type of bathroom has a great space-saving feature as it consists of a shower/bathtub combo. The shower and bathtub are usually enclosed with glass frames, making the bathroom look larger.
  • Three-Quarter Bathroom

    • A three-quarter bathroom consists mainly of the basics: a toilet, a shower, and a sink. The shower is usually enclosed with a glass compartment from ceiling to floor, making the bathroom seem more spacious.

Although it would be ideal to remodel a bathroom all by yourself in order to save money, it would still be better to ask help from a professional contractor to ensure that your time and money won’t go to waste.

Shower in Isle of Palms renovated home with major addition completed by B. Chaney Improvements of Charleston, SC.

Here are a few tips and ideas to consider as you are remodeling a bathroom:

Note: A meeting with a reputable contractor — like Brad Chaney of B. Chaney Improvements — can produce some great ideas for remodeling a bathroom or kitchen. We suggest a meeting before purchasing anything from the list below.

Sit in a Bathtub Before Buying it

You may prefer a huge bathtub, but make sure it fits your bathroom. Before purchasing it, measure it first. Also, try to sit in it so you would have an idea of how comfortable you would be. Remember, bigger isn’t always better. Also remember, it takes a long time to fill a larger tub. This sometimes discourages people from waiting to relax in the soothing waters at the end of a long day.

Choose Good Bathroom Lighting

Good lighting is highly important. Install dimmers near the vanity and tub areas. This greatly helps in giving your bathroom a relaxing ambiance. Also, the right lighting help with makeup application. The right mixture of natural and artificial lighting is usually best.

Take Advantage of the Space

Do you have space to add another sink? How about mounting a small storage cabinet on the wall or a towel holder? Do whatever you want, as long as you make efficient use of the space. Clients are sometimes amazed at the design ideas from a home improvement contractor. The new use of space can make a huge difference in a bathroom design.

Choose Elegant Fixtures

Spice up your bathroom and improve its ambiance by choosing elegant and classic fixtures. This is one of the easiest and least-expensive upgrades.

Always Opt for the Best Quality.

When choosing toilets, bathtubs, tile, flooring and other bathroom necessities, always choose the best quality.  Lower-priced items tend to break easily and are more prone to wear-and-tear. A few more dollars spent now, will make a huge difference in the long run. You want your “new bathroom” to look that way for as long as possible.


Client Testimonial

“Brad helped us update our downstairs, that included taking a wall out, adding molding and trim around window & doorways, built-ins by our fireplace, shiplap on our fireplace and a complete remodel of our kitchen. He did a beautiful job and was great to work! He’s kind, respectful and professional. He does amazing work and is efficient and does his business with great integrity. I would recommend him to anyone looking to do any type of remodel, additions or updates to their house!” – Lizzie P. of Charleston, SC

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