Outdoor Living Spaces are Great for Entertaining

Decks, porches, patios and more are great home additions for enjoying the South Carolina evenings.

While the nights are still a little cool in the Lowcountry, we think it is a great time to start thinking about summer nights spent in outdoor living spaces around the house. And, since we are custom builders, we think it is time to starting thinking SPECIFICALLY about decks, patio, pergolas, fireplaces, etc….

Whole house remodel of Mt. Pleasant, SC home by Brad Chaney of B. Chaney Improvements of Charleston, SC
Hardscape patio with firepit

The professional builders at B. Chaney Improvements can help you plan that perfect place in your yard for nightly family gatherings or occasional parties with friends. Just imagine sitting in the cooler night air after the sun has set, enjoying conversation, with the sounds of summer creatures in the background. This addition to your home can quickly turn it into a retreat from the pressures of the workday in the Charleston, SC area.

Many potential clients want to know if spending the money on an outdoor living space is a good investment in a home’s value. In a word — YES! Even though the local real estate market is moving steadily upward, home owners and investors should always be thinking about the ways to add value to their homes. It used to be as simple as upgrading the kitchen and baths or splashing on some new paint and installing carpet to get the best “bang for the buck.” Those are all still great options (ones B. Chaney Improvements specialize in), the latest trend is to add or upgrade an existing outdoor living space. These upgrades could include expanding a deck; adding a hardscape patio and fire pit to the foot of a deck; constructing a pergola over part of a deck, etc… There are lots of options.

Raised patio

Brad Chaney and his crew of professional builders know exactly how to help you turn your dream outdoor living space into a reality. They will inspect your current landscape and help you get the most from your budget. This will also maximize your investment for bigger payoffs down the road, while you enjoy entertaining in this great new space now and for years to come.

Contact Us About an Outdoor Living Space

If you live in the Mt. Pleasant, Daniel Island or the greater Charleston, SC area and want to know more about the possibilities of building an outdoor living space at your home, contact us here for a meeting. Our office can also be reached at 843-388-4334.

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