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Renovating a Charleston Home

Charleston, SC is filled with history…and old homes. Often times these homes need updating and even a full renovation. Whole house renovations are nothing new in the Holy City. Many people flock to Charleston because of the history and architecture. And while some of that architecture has great charm, some “old houses” in the surrounding […]

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Move or Rehab Your Home?

A new trend seems to be developing in the real estate world: complete rehab — or renovation — projects of existing homes. Some experts believe the trend is due to several factors in the national economy, as well as a change in the thinking of homeowners. Nationally, many markets are seeing a slow-growing housing market — […]

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Did You Pay Too Much in Taxes?

Did you pay too much in taxes this year? If so, building a home or taking a loan for a major addition to upgrade your current home may make the difference next year. With tax day here, many Americans are writing checks to the government while wishing they had spent the money on a sound […]

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