Is Your Tax Return Paying for Home Improvement?

Tax season is here and tax refunds will soon put more money in pockets.

Tax refund to pay for rental dumpster from BlueBox Rental in Hagerstown, MD

Tax season was delayed a bit due to COVID-19 complications. But it’s in full swing now and people will be filing soon. That means rapid refunds to local bank accounts aren’t far off. Are you getting enough back to do a major upgrade to your home? If so, congratulations! If your tax refund is on the small side, because you kept the right amount in your paychecks, congratulations!! No matter the refund size, many will use it to pay for all or some home improvement or needed home repair. If you are a homeowner, spend your money wisely, making the most of your treasure.

Tax returns to pay for home improvement by B. Chaney Improvements in Charleston, SC

Tax returns can help pay for home improvement costs

Does your kitchen or bathroom need a makeover? Is your roof on it’s last rainy season? Are your utility bills so high that you are dreaming of replacement windows and doors?

The home improvement specialists at B. Chaney have completed many such renovation projects.

Here’s a few more questions.

Do you need an extra bedroom? Do you need a home office, because one or more of you are now working remotely? Maybe your family has grown to the point of needing more living room space. If your home has the square footage, we can help you re-imagine it and recraft it into a better living space.

If your home does need an addition, the B. Chaney Improvements staff can design and build it. Not only will it be exactly what you need, they will make sure it ties seamlessly into the existing structure.

If your home’s exterior is out of step with current designs, it may need a facelift. Our designers can help your home look like it was just built, compared to a design that was more popular during the Nixon administration. They have done wonders for many structures that had “good bones,” but had a tired façade.

Contact Us About Your Renovation or Addition

If you are thinking of doing a renovation project or adding a major addition in the greater Charleston area, contact Brad and his team today through this website or call B. Chaney Improvements in Charleston at 843-388-4334.

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