Fall is a Great Time for a Home Improvement Upgrade

Fall is a great time for upgrading your house before the holidays.

Have you been thinking about a home improvement project? If so, we think this is the perfect time to move on it, because a number of great factors are in place. The first factor is the time of year. Late September and early October can offer some perfect weather in the Charleston area, making for the perfect time to work and upgrade areas of your home. It’s also two months before Thanksgiving and three before Christmas. There’s plenty of time to make a mess and have the house back in order before family arrives.

This time of year is also perfect for projects that will make your home energy-efficient. The colder weather is a ways off, but it is coming. Heating bills aren’t bad, because of the short, mild winters. But those higher electric bills will be back within a few months of the New Year’s inauguration. Many home improvement projects can help cut those bills down, while adding value to your home.

Other great factors are sky-high real estate values and low interest rates. That means a little money from your home’s equity can go a long way to make the changes you’re dreaming about. Add value to your investment for a good price at a good rate.

Isle of Palms Renovation Before & After by B. Chaney Improvements of Charleston, SC

Brad Chaney at B. Chaney Improvements wants to help you turn “outdated” into “updated.” Does your kitchen make you look at the real estate ads? Do you wish your bathroom looked like one from a current coastal magazine rather than one being smashed by a sledge hammer held by Chip Gaines? Brad has experience turning old, cramped rooms into ones you can’t wait for friends and family to see. And remember, they will be visiting in just a few months.

If your home needs more “help,” Brad’s team can help too. Replacement windows and doors can do wonders for utility bills. If you’ve noticed your shingles breaking or water coming through your ceiling, we want to help. If your siding is ugly and you want it changed, we want to help. Basically, if there is anything you want to upgrade, we can help with design ideas and the skilled labor to take it from paper to your doorstep. We do home improvement the right way.

Contact Us About Your Custom Home, Renovation or Addition

If you are thinking of doing a renovation project or adding a major addition in the greater Charleston area, contact Brad and his team today through this website or call B. Chaney Improvements in Charleston at 843-388-4334. Brad’s team also builds custom homes throughout the Lowcountry.

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