Happy Thanksgiving!

  Happy Thanksgiving and thank you for a great year.   The staff at B. Chaney Improvements in Charleston, SC is grateful for 2019 and hopes that your Thanksgiving is about taking the time to appreciate everything good in the past year.   Our staff members also hope that it will be a safe and […]

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November is for Fun….and Being Thankful

Welcome to November in Charleston, SC Welcome to November, the month that reminds us to be thankful; a month to have some pre-winter fun; and a month to meet with us at B. Chaney Improvements to discuss home improvement projects. November’s warm days and chilly nights is the perfect time to gather with family and […]

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Whole-House Rehab Might be Better Than Building

Completing a whole-house rehab project on your home might be better than selling and moving. Most areas in the greater Charleston, SC area are wonderful places to live, because the location is very good. And the closer you are to the peninsula, the more likely you are to have a favorable commute. Of course, beauty […]

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Welcome to October!

Welcome to October, a great month for so many things, including the start to the holiday season. October in the Lowcountry is usually pretty close to perfect, as long as your not chased out by a hurricane. The warm days and somewhat cooler nights make for a blend of extended pool time and perfect evening […]

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Happy Labor Day!

Everyone at B. Chaney hopes you and your family have a fun and safe Labor Day weekend! Labor Day is the unofficial end of summer. We know this makes some people sad (students), while other people (parents and those who hate the intense heat) have been anticipating this weekend for months. Know matter your perspective, […]

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Are You Ready for the Next Hurricane?

Hurricanes are bad, but can be measurably worse if you and your family aren’t prepared for the next one. We are at the front end of the hurricane season in the Lowcountry. So far, we’ve only heard about some larger storms, but soon, they will become part of the regular newscasts and internet headlines. We […]

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July is Here!

Welcome to July, a great month for a home improvement project. Summer is now in full swing, because July is here, along with hot weather, pool days and family fun! It’s also a great time to look for home improvement and home repair projects. We do have some time to meet and discuss the projects […]

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Happy Memorial Day from B. Chaney Improvements

Memorial Day Starts the Summer Season and the Last Half of the Building Year for 2019. Did you know that Memorial Day used to be called Decoration Day? No matter what it’s called, the holiday weekend is here with the unofficial start of summer. Our question for you is, “Are you still thinking about doing a home renovation […]

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Ask Good Questions Before Hiring a Builder

Make sure you have a list of good questions to ask when interviewing builders to build your house or major addition. Do you remember hearing the old adage, “There are no stupid questions” when you were growing up? Well, for those building a house should, the new adage should be, “There are no stupid questions […]

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Use Your Tax Return for Home Improvement

Tax returns are a great way to help pay for home improvement and home repair costs to upgrade your home. April is here and spring/early summer has arrived in Charleston, SC. And by now, you are either getting your tax information together because of the looming deadline or are waiting for that refund to hit […]

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